About Me

After many years as a software engineer, including 6 years at Amazon, I decided to take a career break in late 2022 and explore other interests in sustainability, housing and climate. If you’re looking to hire a Seattle-based, detail-oriented technologist in the housing industry, I would love to hear from you!

Volunteering (Housing & Sustainability)

Since mid 2022, I’ve been volunteering building tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness. It’s been a meaningful experience, and wonderful to be doing something physical after many years at a computer desk. I currently volunteer at two different Seattle based housing nonprofits:

  • Sound Foundations NW, which focuses on building tiny homes for people who are experiencing homelessness.
  • Facing Homelessness, which (among other things) focuses on building green and sustainable accessory dwelling units (ADUs) installed free of charge to homeowners who offer to host a resident experiencing homelessness.

Public speaking & events (Software Engineering)

Tutorials and study groups (Software Engineering)

  • Organiser for over a dozen workshops for Women Who Code Sydney. I also ran a few of my own:
    • Running a ‘Women Who Code’ Workshop (January 2016)
    • Technical Interviews (Decemeber 2015)
    • Tutorial on the Web Audio API (July 2014)
  • Organiser of Data Structures & Algorithms, a 6 week study group to cover algorithm fundamentals (January – March 2015)
  • Participant at Code Sydney, a 17 week study group learning JavaScript (July – October 2014)

Community involvement (Software Engineering)

  • I was an organiser for Women Who Code Sydney (2014 – 2016), a monthly user group for technical women, with hands-on coding sessions in different languages and technologies such as Arduino, Javascript, Golang, d3, Rx and AWS technologies. We also ran professional development events such as interview practice, presentation skills, and negotiation. I wrote a post about running the user group.
  • I like attending various tech groups and events, too 🙂

Hackathons / Startup Weekends involvement (Software Engineering)

In 2014 I tried a startup project, and learned a bunch of things

Random projects I’ve done include:

I love travelling, and have spent 18 months in various parts of Europe, Asia, North and South America, as well as living in London for 6 years.

My baking endeavours have included Australia’s Biggest Cherry Ripe and other treats. There is always time for cake.

I am on Twitter and Github if you’d like to say hello.

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