Apricot Couronne & Fraisier Cake

There’s been very little baking mentions on this blog, but last weekend was the Labour Day long weekend, and we’ve been watching a LOT of the Great British Bake Off lately.  So we allocated the entire weekend to baking some of their recipes (and a wee bit of poker). It is unpossible to watch that show without wanting to get your hands covered in flour.

Our first target was the Apricot Couronne, a technical challenge from Season 4. As the telegraph says, “the French know that happiness is a circle of cake called a couronne”, and they are totally right. Just look at it.




It was even more delicious than I had anticipated, with citrus tang from the oranges and apricot jam contrasting with the sweet icing. We pan-toasted the walnuts in the filling before adding them, and the flaked almonds for decoration on top. Both are winning strategies.

The other cake on the hit list was the Fraisier Cake from Season 3. Oh. My. It’s a gorgeous, rich cake that looks stunning, and is actually simpler to make than the couronne above. We feared that our creme patissiere wouldn’t stand up to the weight of the cake or strawberries inside, but it was fine. We could have built bricks with this thing. Our genoese sponge was a little flat, but that didn’t detract from the overall deliciousness. It’s decorated with the four suits from a deck of cards, a little tie-in with our poker night.


Thank goodness Christmas is coming up. Moar excuses for moar cake. 😉

australia’s biggest cherry ripe

I’m a fan of things of unusual size.

One of my favourite sites is pimpthatsnack.com, where the goal is to make larger versions of much-loved snack foods. The league tables of most popular and highest voted snacks are truly amazing. A few years ago, I made a Giant Kit Kat Chunky which has somehow made its way around the internet (a belated blog post will follow).

Last week, I decided to try another giant chocolate bar:  Australia’s Biggest Cherry Ripe!  This was to benefit Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, a fund raiser for the Cancer Council.

I think the pictures tell the story more than words ever could.

Cherry Ripe - start point!

Cherry Ripe mould

Mixing up Cherry Ripe filling

Cherry Ripe Filling

Cherry Ripe Letters

Giant Cherry Ripe - Top View

Giant Cherry Ripe - Side View

Giant Cherry Ripe - packaging size comparison

Giant Cherry Ripe cross section



I didn’t end up using all of the ingredients (thankfully, because they cost a fortune in Australia) but the final tally was…

Dimensions: 46cm long x 11cm wide x 7 cm high

Weight: 3 kilograms

Calories: 11,500 (or 48,000 kilojoules)