australia’s biggest cherry ripe

I’m a fan of things of unusual size.

One of my favourite sites is, where the goal is to make larger versions of much-loved snack foods. The league tables of most popular and highest voted snacks are truly amazing. A few years ago, I made a Giant Kit Kat Chunky which has somehow made its way around the internet (a belated blog post will follow).

Last week, I decided to try another giant chocolate bar:  Australia’s Biggest Cherry Ripe!  This was to benefit Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, a fund raiser for the Cancer Council.

I think the pictures tell the story more than words ever could.

Cherry Ripe - start point!

Cherry Ripe mould

Mixing up Cherry Ripe filling

Cherry Ripe Filling

Cherry Ripe Letters

Giant Cherry Ripe - Top View

Giant Cherry Ripe - Side View

Giant Cherry Ripe - packaging size comparison

Giant Cherry Ripe cross section



I didn’t end up using all of the ingredients (thankfully, because they cost a fortune in Australia) but the final tally was…

Dimensions: 46cm long x 11cm wide x 7 cm high

Weight: 3 kilograms

Calories: 11,500 (or 48,000 kilojoules)

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