Managing Dependencies With TeamCity

This post originally appeared on the 7digital developer blog on 8th June 2011. It has been moved here for preservation. You can also use a newer TeamCity feature called Snapshot Dependencies for a cleaner way of managing dependent builds.  We have recently switched to using TeamCity to manage the building and updating of our shared code at 7digital, which is great. … Continue reading Managing Dependencies With TeamCity

preparing for a technical interview at amazon or google

In October last year, I was offered a job to move to Seattle and work at Amazon! (woohoo!) It was an incredible opportunity. Amazon are giants, have interesting problems of scale to solve, and the chance to work in the US would be fantastic. Unfortunately, personal circumstances weren't quite suitable for a move to the states … Continue reading preparing for a technical interview at amazon or google

improving page performance with WebPageTest

We are in the process of rebuilding Ninemsn's front page in coffeescript + node.js, and moving it to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for easier deployment. As we're rebuilding the site, we're quite conscious of improving page performance (or at least maintaining the current standard). I've been really impressed with WebPageTest, a free tool for performance … Continue reading improving page performance with WebPageTest

open information means better outcomes

In the last couple of organisations I've worked for, the flow of information to a team has always correlated to perceived seniority.  Starting as a "developer" and not a "senior developer" or a "team lead" means that people's access to information is restricted.  This hasn't always been an active decision, it's just happened because people decide … Continue reading open information means better outcomes

responsive web design @ girl geek dinners

Last night, the lovely women at Sydney Girl Geek Dinners were given a treat - a presentation by me 🙂 Between April and July, one very awesome team at Mi9 built the YouDecide9 site.  It's a project integrating Ninemsn, Twitter and the Nine Network's audience in the lead-up to the federal election. Quite literally, everything about the project was … Continue reading responsive web design @ girl geek dinners