open information means better outcomes

In the last couple of organisations I've worked for, the flow of information to a team has always correlated to perceived seniority.  Starting as a "developer" and not a "senior developer" or a "team lead" means that people's access to information is restricted.  This hasn't always been an active decision, it's just happened because people decide … Continue reading open information means better outcomes

responsive web design @ girl geek dinners

Last night, the lovely women at Sydney Girl Geek Dinners were given a treat - a presentation by me 🙂 Between April and July, one very awesome team at Mi9 built the YouDecide9 site.  It's a project integrating Ninemsn, Twitter and the Nine Network's audience in the lead-up to the federal election. Quite literally, everything about the project was … Continue reading responsive web design @ girl geek dinners