“Developer-esque” relations

It's not technically my official job, but I do some "developer-esque" relations for the ABC's Digital Network division. I started doing it because I like it, and it's been very educational. To clarify, the phrase  "developer relations" could be interpreted in a couple of ways: Your company has products or services it sells, and you're trying to help people in the … Continue reading “Developer-esque” relations

Metro: the ABC’s new Media Transcoding Pipeline

In December last year, the ABC launched a new video encoding system called Metro ("Media Transcoder"), which converts various sources of media into a standardised format for iview. It's been a fantastic project for the ABC's Digital Network division - we've built a cheap, scalable, cloud-based solution that we can customise to suit our specific … Continue reading Metro: the ABC’s new Media Transcoding Pipeline

Code Sydney – a Javascript study group

I've done quite a few random side projects using Javascript, but I've never learned it "properly", and I've always wanted to. In a nice coincidence, a fellow geek Lucy Bain started a Javascript study group a couple of months ago called Code Sydney, which uses the Odin Project's course material - so of course I signed up. Course Content I've really … Continue reading Code Sydney – a Javascript study group