Review of Coursera’s Algorithms Part I by Princeton

This is the first in a series of two posts about a study group I organised for learning Algorithms & Data Structures. This post focuses on the content of the course, which is Princeton's Algorithms I on Coursera. The course¬†covers¬†a variety of data structures¬†and¬†searching and sorting algorithms from a programmatic implementation angle (as opposed to … Continue reading Review of Coursera’s Algorithms Part I by Princeton

Hello, Arduino

Last September, Women Who Code Sydney ran a Learn Arduino event. I'm generally not very keen on hardware, so I hadn't bothered to investigate Arduino in depth,¬†but¬†this blinking green light from the workshop was one of the most exciting things I'd seen in¬†ages.¬†It was programming in physical form: I'd written the code, sent it to … Continue reading Hello, Arduino

Apricot Couronne & Fraisier Cake

There's been very little baking mentions¬†on this blog,¬†but last weekend was the Labour Day long weekend, and we've been watching a LOT of the¬†Great British Bake Off lately. ¬†So we allocated the entire weekend¬†to baking some of their recipes (and a wee bit of¬†poker). It is unpossible to watch that show without wanting to get … Continue reading Apricot Couronne & Fraisier Cake

Code Sydney – a Javascript study group

I've done¬†quite a few¬†random side projects using Javascript, but I've never learned it "properly", and I've always wanted to.¬†In a nice¬†coincidence, a fellow geek¬†Lucy Bain started a Javascript study group a couple of months ago called Code Sydney, which uses¬†the Odin Project's course material - so of course I signed up. Course Content I've really … Continue reading Code Sydney – a Javascript study group